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The art of simple
& connected living


Rooted in architecture,

it is our mission to help you create an environment that nourishes your soul.


 Pause & breathe. Hug & Smile. Cleanse & Heal. 

Find home again.


A collection of memories and feelings transformed into daily, meaningful objects. Textures, colors, and scents of what makes us feel 'at home'. Inspired by our personal place of peacefulness and sparkle; our childhood. The starting point of what was and what's becoming.

Our home collections are a tribute to the daily routine. Waking up. Giving a hug, freshening up. Starting. Thinking. Missing. Feeling light, feeling low. Feeling lazy, feeling lost. Taking a break. Laughing. Dreaming. Forgetting. Breathing. Restarting.
Everything is designed in our studio in Eindhoven and made by hand in Amsterdam. We are using solely natural ingredients and reclaimed materials such as clay, linen, bamboo, bee wax, oak, and maple.

By honoring life and the beauty of everyday things, we invite you to discover the magic in the mundane. 

Happy to have you here!



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