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the HOLIDAY Gift guide


Need some guidance with selecting gifts? This is your Page! We have created small selections of gifts and gift sets for the Home Makers, the self-care Lovers, our Litle friends, and more. Take a look and we hope you will find inspiration for all. PLEASE do not forget yourself too! 

Creatures of the forest


Natural. Earthy. Grounded?
That's for you.

Flowers in Hair
Night Drive

Creatures of the night


Dark. Mysterious. Dreamy?
That's for you.

Creatures of the light


Light. Soft. Elegant?
That's for you.

Woman Falling Backwards
Couple's Feet in Bed


You know them well. Those lovebirds.

Maybe they are you! 

Home Makers


The House Cats. The interior Lovers. The new Home-Owners. That's for you.

Dinning Room Interior
Bath in Sink


For our little friends.
Or the big ones that still feel playful, curious & soft.

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