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About Us

Who are We and What do we Do. 


About Minimuc

Minimuc is an award-winning design studio based in Eindhoven, founded by architect Ismini Christakopoulou. 

With eight years of experience in architectural design, residential interiors, exhibition design, visual identities, and creative direction, Minimuc provides tailor-made services, channeling each client's essence through differentiated and statement-making design. We aim in inspiring, current but timeless works. We value beauty, treasure efficiency, praise fantasies.


Our approach demonstrates a unique way of living, working, and creating; one of contentment. We handle every commission with a distinctive sensitivity, full commitment, and results-oriented mentality which creates a joyous, collaborative environment of trust with our clients. 

For us, it's more than design. More than spaces, objects, or identities. It's real life. And we deliver a 'being-proud-of' and 'love-to-live-in' results. 

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We couldn't have created this collection without the loving support and exceptional work of our talented collaborators. Here is the shout-out to all those wonderful people who believed in our story and crafted by hand all our products :

Joost Sopers (Treasure Boxes), Julia Saldana (Ceramics), Alice Tsibulsky (Bedding), Mania Foteinou (Soaps). And last but not least, a big thank you to Valentina Marinelic (collection 'Vessels', Simone Frank (collection 'First Habitat', and Femke Buningh/La Maman studio (collection 'Bright, Happy, Light) for capturing my soul with their camera.

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