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The Story

The First moment of Belonging.


Let's Get Dirty

It all started in 2021 with the idea of 'After the Rain'; a smell that opened the box of my deepest feelings of home. Without even realizing it, the 'First Habitat' Collection was created; a collection of memories & feelings, colors, textures & scents. All things that make me feel at peace. All things that were able to bring me back to the place I grew up; my grandmother’s garden. To the first moment of belonging.

Where I smelled the wet soil for the first time and smiled, with my eyes closed. To the barefoot walks. The blooming flowers in ecstasy. The ice-cold glasses of water. The sweet smell of summer bodies. The everlasting vigil light at the dedicated corner of hope. The reassuring rituals. The long hugs. And the very carefully curated hiding spots, followed by the uncanny pocket-money transaction that always felt like a drug deal! Secrets and support. All in one, in a very twisted way. 

First Habitat was My-Home Collection. My starting point and my sanctuary. Where my playfulness found an even naughtier partner! Ever since, I have been experiencing a profound emotional transformation. Ever since, I have been challenging all emotions and needs, in the creation of new products and objects.

'First Habitat' (2021), was followed by 'Bright, Happy (2022), Light', was followed by 'Flow'(2023), was followed by 'Vessels'.(2023).

For two years I have been allowing myself to play, get excited, and re-imagine. To experiment, discover, and co-create with local makers. I proudly introduce you to our daily objects. for enjoying everyday life a bit more. Hope to find you somewhere along the way!

Ismini Christakopoulou,

Founder of Minimuc Design Studio.



To my ever-blooming garden.  Rest in love. 

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