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The air smelled of honey. Candlelights burning on the table.
Warm, sharing nights. Creating Precious moments together.

Your favorite Ritual Candles Set is now available in larger sizes for some long-lasting company!
Every set consists of 5 pure beeswax candles & a ceramic base.


Dinner Candles / Dark

€ 35,00Price
Sold Out
    • Candle Bases
      ​​Handcrafted with love in Amsterdam, using Julia's reclaimed clay.
    • Candles
      Natural, thin candles made out of 100% pure beeswax. Burning time, 2.5 hours. No additional waxes or fragrances. Non-toxic.
    • Candle Bases Ø 8 cm
    • Candles: Height 26 cm, Ø 7 mm
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