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Slow down.   Create time for yourself.

Stay still & Breathe. Connect & Restart.


30 minutes are enough to help us detach from the clutter of everyday life and reconnect with ourselves. To find peace again. 


With a candle burning for only half an hour, it is our intention to offer you a daily reminder to create some time for yourself. A candle in -its most basic form- sitting on a touch of clay. A beautifully elegant set for your daily rituals.

The set consists of one ceramic base & 20 candles.

Signature 'Ritual Set'

€ 36,00Price
    • Candle Bases
      ​​Handcrafted with love in Amsterdam, using Julia's reclaimed clay.
    • Candles
      Natural, extra thin candles made out of 100% pure beeswax. Burning time 30 minutes. Dripless, sootless and clean burn. No additional waxes or fragrances. Non-toxic.
    • Candle Bases
      Ø 7 cm
    • Candles
      Natural: Height 16 cm, Ø 5 mm
      Black: Height 16 cm, Ø 5 mm
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