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Relaxing & sensual sweet almond oil, to reconnect with your partner or yourself.

For your skin-care / skin-love routine.

Our body's largest organ is our skin. And it is loaded with nerve endings. Body oiling moisturizes the skin deeply, which results not only in keeping it looking and feeling healthy but also soothing the nervous system by keeping those nerve endings lubricated.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin D, vitamin E, and various minerals that help soothe the skin from irritation, protect the skin from UV radiation damage and restore the skin's moisture barrier. It also boosts the production of collagen, and tightens up skin. 

It comes in a 100ml amber glass bottle with a pipette.

All skin types.

Relaxing Massage oil

€ 25,00Price
  • Use on dry skin and slowly massage into the body using circular motions. The warmth of your fingertips will melt the oil as you massage into the skin. Give extra attention to any areas holding tension (usually neck, shoulders, hips, hands, and feet) or drier areas, including the elbows and knees. External use only.

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