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I was always jealous of the fluffy bedding for the little ones. And one beautiful day, somewhere in March -no idea why- I woke up thinking to myself: "why can't I have the same ones?" So, here they are. FLUFFS; bedding for big babies!!


Easy, low maintenance, super comfortable, handmade with love, in Amsterdam. 100% double cotton gauze. Gauze is a soft, lightweight fabric that provides great breathability through a loose weave. One of your best choices for those warm summer nights. And as my brother & sister-in-law say, they are getting better after use! And they know it well, now with little Aria in their life :) 


Fluffs / Throws

PriceFrom € 68,00
We will have it ready for you within a month!
    • Handmade in Amsterdam
    • 100% double cotton gauze
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